“Success comes down to a commitment to oneself and a willingness to change”

Books by Barrie St John

The following books by Barrie St John are available exclusively from Amazon.

The Client’s Dance

The Client's Dance - Book“The Client’s Dance is a metaphor for the client’s communication – their dynamics and behaviour in a therapy session. Anything and everything I do is based around The Client’s Dance. I take notice and sense the client’s experience instead of doing to or applying onto the client. Working in this way is about bearing in mind and noticing the client’s uniqueness, their specialness, their limitations, where they might be stuck, the client’s resourceful parts and their own immediate experience – the client’s own process.” Barrie St John

This book is available on Kindle via this link, or pre-order your limited edition signed paperback here.

Straightforward Ideas & Resources for Positive Living

Book by Barrie - Ideas & Resources for Positive LivingLittle reminders can be useful to keep nearby when it comes to a healthy and positive way of being. Barrie has put together these brief ideas and resources for you to keep and use to the best of your ability. Whether you are a client, past or present, or a person who enjoys having a go with something a little bit different, we hope you will find Barrie’s 14 ideas and resources helpful.

This book is available on Kindle via this link.