“Success comes down to a commitment to oneself and a willingness to change”

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

N.L.P. is about our personal subjective experience. Neuro is our mind; Linguistic is the language (words and non-verbal communication) we use; Programming is how we communicate to get results.

With our modern way of living, people want change NOW, so that they can carry on with their lives in a happier and more successful, productive way…

If there is a quicker and more direct way to change, why not, change it now? (Here your focus of awareness is on the change and the new behaviour.)

N.L.P. is a group of tools or techniques the therapist uses to help you to change, modify and excel within your life.

We experience situations or events through our senses: what we may see or notice; whom or what we may hear; any smells or tastes we may experience; what we may say to ourselves; and how we feel. When we remember past events, we may experience some or all of those elements.

The therapist is trained in a specific way to help you to heighten your sensory intuition; how you communicate to others; how you react to situations and other people; how you create your own results. The therapist facilitates and encourages you to change, fine tune and develop new strategies to get more from your life and feel more in control of your future.

N.L.P. is about communication, language, modelling excellence, mastering your own mind and the study of internal experience. N.L.P. has a wide range of practical applications in business (eg. Management, personnel, sales, consulting); training and development, education, law, medicine, health, writing and the arts, sports, parenting, hobbies and personal development – anywhere communicating and excelling are important.

The more you are interested in communication, personal effectiveness and development – the more N.L.P. has to offer.

If you are unhappy, dissatisfied or uncomfortable with your life, using N.L.P. or Neuro Linguistic Programming, you have that choice to ‘ change NOW’ , have you not?